If only she had a DVR for Twitter

The Story Behind the Idea

A Market of One Person

The idea for Tomorrowish Social TV and all the other tools that surround it originally came from the needs of one person: Amy Greenlaw. A few years ago at SXSW, Amy, who is now our head or Marketing, was watching several TV series intently, I believe the last season of LOST was one she was talking about a lot.

She would pop onto Twitter and talk about the show with other strangers using the hashtag #lost to follow the conversation. When she was at SXSW she missed one or two weeks of the show and had to stop looking at the tweets from any of her friends who watched the show. She also couldn't enjoy looking at those comments even as she was watching the show later on her DVR, because spoilers would be visible.

I thought, If only she had a DVR for Twitter she could watch the show and the conversation at the same time whenever she wanted. That was the idea, fully formed while I read a tweet from her talking about missing the fun conversations as she caught up on all the shows she recorded while at SXSW.

I tried out a quick test to see how tough it would be and got a VERY simple version working with the help of a friend, Dave Fisher. We put it on the back burner for a year or two and then when the opportunity was right for it, I put together the team that has built a very capable and complex, heuristically aware filtering system to not only replay social media comments, but find the best ones and let people add new comments to the saved conversations days or years later. With help and partnership deals, we have Hulu premium content on our Tomorrowish TV site, and elevated rights to grab the full conversation every night for prime time TV and more.

Mick Darling, Cofounder and CEO, Tomorrowish