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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tomorrowish Social TV?

For creators of digital media, Tomorrowish Social TV lets you capture, curate, and stream social media commentary about your broadcast. That conversation is archived and synchronized in time with the media. When your content is viewed at a later date, your audience can engage in both the current conversation as well as what others have said about the moments that moved them.

For viewers of digital media, Tomorrowish Social TV allows you to share what gets you going and join in on the conversation like nothing else. Share your thoughts, and whenever a friend clicks on your comment, they'll be taken to the moment in that digital media that inspired you share it. When they add to the conversation, their friends also come back to that same moment - whether that's two seconds, two days, or two years later.

Can I control the curation of comments about my media?

Yes, if you want to. Comments are automatically curated for relevance based on the initial live conversation, and adjusts over time as the relevance does. Tomorrowish Machine Curation also removes duplicate and similar posts, so you don't see a thousand posts that say Glee!!!! during every episode. If you want to make sure a certain phrase, person, or keyword is included (or not), we can set that in advance, or you can manually override at any time.

Isn't curation just another way of saying censorship?

Yep, kind of... the same way that dropping one of six apples you’re trying to hold in one hand is censoring apples. You can only read so many comments so fast. Curation is how comments are prioritized in the context that they are appropriate, so that you can actually read the content that matters most. Nothing is deleted, but we don't think the demand is too big for reading all 10,000 comments that might come in a one minute span. Besides, a few weird comments about oranges might not add much to a conversation about apples.

Where is the content archived?

Tomorrowish stores the conversations on our servers with long term storage and backups. Corporate customers will have access to that content using our curation tools and stream player for the duration of any contract.

How do I make sure featured guest comments aren't curated out?

Just ask, a little in advance, and we'll make it happen. We can put their name in lights, too.

What sources can you capture?

Twitter and Facebook today. Google+, plus more, down the road. Have another tool you want us to grab from? Let's talk!

What do you need from us to make this happen?

Let us know the schedule of your air dates, keywords, special contributors, stuff like that. We'll also ask you for your event ID tags and a few weeks notice if you can. Then we'll give you a few lines of JavaScript to load, and all the rest is fun stuff like colors, space, repeats dates, and all the comments and data you can handle...

I don't get it. Why would I want to have old comments playing while I'm in a live conversation today?

I dunno - is the conversation about what you're watching, or when you're watching it? It's all about relevance and context. Relevant live comments are the default, so if you're on the third replay and the original comments have lost relevance, invite some friends in to join you and add to the conversation. It's what's relevant about your conversations, not ours. If it is the first time you have ever watched LOST, I guarantee you that you only want to see the comments about that episode, and not the series in general.

Can our viewers use this awesome tool with my subscriber based service?

Yes. If your programing has scheduled air times and unique content IDs, we can work with you to integrate Social TV.

How do you make money at this?

Sounds like you want to talk to our client development team!

Does this work for music vids or plain old audio clips?

Yep. Anything digital with a unique ID and scheduled air time, as long as we know ahead of time.

How do I access this awesome tool?

Just log in to your Twitter account and use the normal #tags for the people or event you're into.