Display Synchronized Social Media with Video

Tomorrowish Social TV

Tomorrowish Social TV displays social media comments synchronized to video of an event like a TV show. When a show originally airs on TV, we capture the social media commentary about that show during the broadcast.

Content Selection

The Social TV comments, Tweets, Facebook posts, or other social media content we capture are displayed in sync with the show. We filter based on keywords (not just hashtags), usernames, combinations of words, and filter out banned words and users. The content that is displayed based on our exclusive Tomorrowish Machine Curation and optional Manual Curation depends on how many comments we have to analyze and score, and how the Social TV is viewed.

Live or  Time-Shifted

Social TV can be viewed live during the event/TV show, or time-shifted and viewed later. We save the conversation and enable it to be displayed later, like capturing it in a bottle. Social TV can be displayed in our Embeddable Social Stream or accessed via our API.

On Tomorrowish.tv you can easily see how Social TV displays the social media commentary next to the video, synced to the moment during the video that people originally posted the comments. Social TV displays the comments like a standard Twitter feed providing an updated comment every three seconds if one is available to display.

Quality Content

Social TV displays the most interesting comments at any given moment in the video, determined by our Tomorrowish Machine Curation. Using our Manual Curation Tool, you have access to further control, overriding our automated system if that's what you want. Combining TMC with Manual Curation allows you to decide exactly what type of content to display. A comment is typically displayed every 2-3 seconds, and you can change that to display dozens of posts a second, or only the best post every minute.