Display Synchronized Social Media with Video

Tomorrowish Embeddable Social Stream Widget

An embeddable Iframe for Any Website

Provides the same functionality that we use on Tomorrowish TV on any other website. The widget can be linked to a large variety of media players to sync the video and the Tomorrowish Social Stream. It can easily be embedded into blogs and CMS driven sites, and is iOS and Android compatible. It readily works with players such as YouTube, Vimeo, BrightCove, FlowPlayer, and more.

Easily Customizable to Work with Your Player

The Embeddable Social Stream widget can be configured to work with most video players very quickly. The widget can interact with your video player using both push or pull API calls, allowing flexibility in deciding how to control the player, how many server calls are made and potentially how much load is on your servers. The widget is very lightweight and loads asynchronously.