Synchronize Social Media with Live Video

Live, Curated Social Media Feeds

Tomorrowish provides you the opportunity to control the filtering, curation, and display of the social media conversation tied to your content.

Get the Content You Want

Our curation platform allows you to create custom rules that determine what content is captured from social media services, so that you get the content you want. You can also designate rules that whitelist and blacklist social media comments based on words and users.

You can even drill down to the comment by comment level and choose exactly which comments to display.

This type of Manual Curation works as a supplement to our automated Tomorrowish Machine Curation system, allowing you as much or as little control over your social media content as you require.

Works for Both Live and Past Events

The live feed rules and automated curation techniques select comments to display based on all the comments captured up to that point in the show. Time-shifted feeds use the entire collection of comments from a show to determine which comment at any moment best reflects the overall commentary for the show, and take into account who the viewer is and what he or she has already seen, among other criteria.