Now your social engagement team can actually engage!

Manual Curation Tools

The Power is in Your Hands

Tomorrowish provides you the opportunity to control the filtering, curation, and display of the social media conversation tied to your content.

Our curation platform allows you to create custom rules that determine what content is captured from social media services, so that you get the content you want. You can also designate rules that whitelist and blacklist social media comments based on words and users.

You Can Even Control Individual Comments!

The Tomorrowish Curation platform also allows you to drill down to the comment by comment level - choosing exactly which content to display.

Manual Curation works as a supplement to our automated Tomorrowish Machine Curation system, allowing you as much or as little control over your social media content as you require.

Tomorrowish Machine Curation + Manual Curation =
Maximum Control and Less Work

Our combination of curation approaches is a unique feature of the Tomorrowish platform, ensuring relevant, interesting comments about your content. By automating what was previously a labor-intensive task, we free your social engagement team to pursue more valuable goals - such as actually engaging!

Tomorrowish Manual Curation Tools

Control down to the per-post level